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I had a heartfelt conversation with the @coveteur about my experience of being in the public eye, growing up being bullied and how I refuse to allow tabloids to scare/push me. Read more on link in bio ❤️

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I didn’t look close to this 12hrs prior to the red carpet. All night shoot straight to a plane straight to choose my outfit to this. Truth is, these wonderful events are so nerve wracking and the people that surround you help not only on the exterior but your emotional core. I just wanted to take a second to thank my team for being there for me even when I’m panicking, while I pick myself apart. You make me feel pretty even when I don’t feel my best by the way you love me, and this is the work of tons of people putting a lot of effort. The things you’ve done for me are unreal.❤️I look like an ugly foot right now as I lay in bed for my first day, so don’t be fooled but red carpet pictures. ❤️

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.YES. YOU. CAN ❤️ You can achieve anything, we are stronger than we think.

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November 1st. — Paradise Hills