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1 week ago

What is the value of ‘design’? And where does ‘open-source design’ end and imitation begin? Enzo Mari asked himself these questions in 1995 with his Ecolo Project. He put together a manual with suggestions on how to transform plastic bottles into vases. Customers were given a choice to buy Mari’s DIY instructions or an upcycled vase made and signed by Mari. Two attractive choice options, but the second one had a quite unattractive price tag. ⠀ ⠀ #objectstories #mari #enzomari #ecoloproject #collection #designmuseumgent #designcollection

1 week ago

“She saw architecture in every object”, told Pietro Maria Bardi about his wife’s work. Exactly this chair is the perfect example of how Lina Bo Bardi thought about furniture design. The material she used, pinus elliottii, responded to aesthetic and practical demands and maintained its shape. Moreover, the design’s shape respected the nature of the material. Discover her work until 16 February in the museum!⠀ ⠀ #linabobardi #bobardi #studiodartepalma #exhibition #chairs #sgabelliSESC #architecture #braziliandesign #designmuseumgent #design @nilufargallery

1 week ago

Patterns and rasters are the foundation of graphic design. Equipped with nothing but a rucksack and a camera, graphic designer Corneille Hannoset travelled the world to photograph patterns. With his photos, he put together a pattern archive from which he would draw for design elements throughout his whole career. Last week to discover his work in our exhibition Off the Grid!⠀ ⠀ #offthegrid #graphicdesign #graphics #typography #CorneilleHannoset #photography #patterns #exhibition #designmuseumgent #design Photos: Corneille Hannoset. Courtesy Archives et Musée de la Littérature, Brussel

2 weeks ago

Don’t miss out on our free contemporary graphic design display Talking Letterheads in DING Vitrine. There’s work of atelier Haegeman Temmerman, Michaël Bussaer & Jef Cuypers, Ines Cox, Jan & Randoald, Inge Ketelers, Joris Kritis, Ine Meganck & Chloé D’hauwe, Ronny & Johny, ruttens-wille and many more.⠀ ⠀ #DINGVitrine #talkingletterheads #phantomradio @019ghent #offthegrid #graphicdesign #graphics #typography #designmuseumgent #design ⠀ ⠀ Photo: @haegeman_temmerman

1 month ago

Every 2 seconds people share a picture of their IKEA interior on Instagram. IKEA Belgium combined the 4 most shared icons in one object: the MÜPOLASH. 3D printed with 100% biodegradable material in only 5 copies. One copy will be exhibited in the museum until the end of February, another one can be won on @IKEAbelgium. ⠀ ⠀ #MUPOLASH #mijnIKEA #monIKEA #designmuseumgent #furniture

1 month ago

New billboard! It’s sixteen logos created by seven graphic designers during the 1960s and 1970s in Belgium. Made for banks, restaurants, theatres, paint companies, museums and others, they are all pictograms with a reference to nature. Aimed at the many winter sale shoppers and tourists that walk past the museum every day, the selection’s subliminal message is a call for more awareness of our planet. @019ghent #billboard @saradebondt #offthegrid #visitgent #9000 #gent #designmuseumgent

1 month ago

Happy New Year! Here are our plans for 2020: we start off with Kleureyck in March. It’s a big exhibition about the innovative use of colour in design with a pigment walk and experience rooms. Where does colour come from, what can you do with it and how does it affect your wellbeing? All questions answered from 13 March 2020. In Autumn, we present Home Stories: 100 years of interior design in 20 visionary interiors. Our homes are an expression of the way we live and those homes have drastically changed over the years because of societal, political, urban, and technical shifts. A history in 20 iconic interiors by architects such as Finn Juhl and artists like Andy Warhol or Cecil Beaton.⠀ ⠀ #designmuseumgent #2020 #programme #museum #kleureyck #homestories

1 month ago

Happy holidays! We want to propose a toast to all of you: thanks for an incredible 2019 and we wish you a warm Christmas.