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I took this photo in Bruges, Belgium in 2010.  I traveled through Europe several times over the years, often solo (when i wasn’t with my Brit-American co-explorer Guv’s) and I can certainly say these were some of the richest,  humbling and memorable moments of my life thus far.  It was on these adventures that I truly found companionship, self expression and passion in photography.  We all develop unique bonds and find purpose in our own singular missions that we find ourselves called to do, and these missions may change form entirely over the years.  After some difficulty explaining to the very limited english speaking taxi services that I was trying to reach “the castle in the woods” I arrived at Kasteel Ten Brughe, albeit a few hours late.  The host was waiting for me at the gate and quickly asked me if I would be afraid to stay in the castle alone, to which I replied “should I be?” There had been a structure on this property since the 1300’s, and although the nearest neighbor was a good distance away, i will say i did not feel alone that night.  I created my first photography dedicated website  after this trip (which I recently shut down r.i.p.) to share my art and vision with others, in turn giving me a new way to connect with the world, the same way a guitar had for most of my life.  I still have a print of this castle in my home which is a joyful cue of gratitude for me, as well as the little black camera that accompanied me.

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Photographer!! Sunne me bohot cool lagta hay,camera le karr photos to sabhi log khich sakte hay,fer photographer ka matlab kya hay. Yeah i am talking about the problems jisse sabhi photographer ko gujar na parta hay. Ek photographer ka job serf camera ka buttam press karna nehi hota!! Hum logo hazar bar ye sochna parta hay ki samne wala kya bolega,kaise react karega, ase bhi bohot log hay jinko agar permission ke liye kuch bhi bola jay mu pe mana karte hay,aur agar permission de bhi de tabbhi ek acchi photo lena utna asan kaam nehi hay. Ek actor acting karega,ek doctor treatment,aur ek writer apni story likhega,but ek photographer apni soch ko dimag me rakk kar,situation ko dekk kar, sahi samay ka wait karna hota hay,fir bhi accha click na aye to bohot demotivated lagta hay. Aur agar accha click aa bhi jay tabb bhi osko sahi edit karne k badd jabb hum post karte hay tabhi bhi accha response na aye to app imagine karr sakte hay kya!? I feel lucky that my passion is photography. I just love to do photography. What's new about this one? This is a simple portrait! Sabhi photographers ko kabhi kabhi simple kuch bhi post karna accha lagta hay. . . #kolkatasutra #kolkatabuzz #india_gram #india_ig #calcuttacanvas #calcuttacacophony #capturestreets #capturetommorow #camera_bondi_golpo #bnwportrait #bnwmood #bnwphotography #bnw_captures #bnw #lightbox #photographer #streetphotographyindia #streetphotography #streets #lonelyplanetindia #gramslayers #instagram #maibhisadakchap #nustaharamkhor #seewithsonalid3 #camerawalebhaiya #tpb

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the intimacy of creation 🦋 Today with @girlwolf

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Götgatan at Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

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As he climbs into the laundry bin to hide from his sister, all I can think is......’stay there stay there, I’m just gonna grab my camera ‘ And then.......I find myself turning it towards the window light 🤷‍♀️ yep. I’ve gone mad.

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you can have it all. just not all at once.

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