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17 hours ago

17 hours ago

Today the Urban Sketchers Londrina meeting was at @emporiobrest. There I saw this lovely flower and the flyer thingy by the window. I donated the painting to the emporium owner. Hoje nós nos reunimos para desenhar o @emporiobrest. Lá eu vi essas flores e o negócio com propaganda do prato perto da janela. @urbansketchers @usklondrina @urban_sketchers_brasil #watercolor #aquarela #drawing #drawings #color #emporium #color #colorful #flowers #pink #window #pretty #comfy #light #nature #urban #urbansketch #table #contrast #contraste #yellow #indoors #indoor #paint

17 hours ago

I am a firm believer in there been beauty in the contrast. In the light and the dark days. In the hope and the hurt. In the fire and in the ash. I am a firm believer in the fall and in the rise; in the sin and in the saving. I am a firm believer in the broken, the people who hold their pieces together with belief, who bandage their fear in faith. I am a firm believer in the souls who have always managed to protect their soft; who have always known, even when it ached the most, that their wounds were healing them, that the hardest parts of life were growing them from the inside. I am a firm believer in there being beauty in the contrast.- The Strength In Our Scars

17 hours ago

I’m fucking back. (Creatively)

17 hours ago

A month ago, Hedda and I went to see Anders Petersen’s exhibition in Stockholm and it inspired me to shoot more in black and white. I used to love it but haven’t done it in a while, so I thought I’d share some new work in just that, black and white ✨✨✨

3 weeks ago

🐝Buzz...Buzz...🐝 The bees are busy! Really loving all of Momma Nature’s yellows and golds right now! 🥰 Can’t get enough!😲🌼🤙