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1 day ago

It’s currently 10:19pm. I’ve had 8 back to back meetings since 7am and I have a few more hours of editing left. This post isn’t about “the grind” or work harder. While I was working tonight, I almost got into a mode of complaining. Since I’ve become an adult, I’ve adapted such as “I’m so busy” and “there’s too much to do.” Although it may be true, I’m realizing that having that language that reflects my attitude is dangerous. Bragging and/or complaining about being busy is popular as an adult. But we must remember that at one moment we prayed for this opportunity to be busy. We prayed for the opportunity to have too much on our plate. You might say, “I never prayed that?” But you did. You did when you asked for blessings. You did when you asked for open doors. You did when you asked for promotion and for God to give you the desires of your heart. It’s a constant check in your heart (and tonight was my check) it realizing that your busyness is a blessing and gift from God. How we steward it is up to us. So next time you have the habit to complain about your job or business, remember that you might be complaining about the very thing you once prayed for. #HonestHustle

1 day ago

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