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8 hours ago

Taking in the last moments of sunset from this incredible 360 view at the top before we head(lamp) back down. #outsidezion #atozion

10 hours ago

Would you climb Angel's Landing with thousand foot drops on either side!? It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but the view is insane! Prepare to be incredibly sore for the next few days too 😂 Swipe Over to check out more views from one of the most iconic hikes in the world and Tag a friend crazy enough to hike it with you! @atozion #atozion #outsidezion

2 days ago

@autpops had never been to Utah before last week. Before the trip I found it super difficult to describe the sheer magnitude and beauty of the canyons and valleys in the @atozion region, and I’m not honestly sure words will ever do it justice. At times it was so beautiful that neither of us could bring ourselves to look through the viewfinder, and we just sat there soaking it all in... I’m sure glad @vagabond3 was there to capture our awestruck silence. #atozion #outsidezion

2 days ago

Had a blast canyoneering in Utah last weekend! Squeezed through some slot canyons and rappelled off some cliffs. Definitely want to go back and do some more! Would you? Swipe for more photos 👉🏻 #atozion #outsidezion @atozion

3 days ago

I was getting overly confident and having such a blast that I forgot to descend slowly so @calsnape could get a good shot - he still managed to though! 🤣🧗🏻‍♂️ #outsidezion #atozion

6 days ago

I have to admit, I never expected to see such an idyllic waterfall in the middle of the desert. Apparently it’s been 14 years since there was enough water for the waterfalls in Gunlock State Park flow like this, and I feel beyond lucky to have been there to see it! @atozion is so full of hidden gems, I’ll need another lifetime to finish exploring them all. #atozion #outsidezion

6 days ago

I’ve missed the dry desert air, the red rocky landscapes and the smell of campfire in the mornings... It’s good to be back in Utah! I spent the weekend camping, canyoneering & hiking in and around Zion National Park and had the best time! @atozion #atozion #outsidezion #partner

1 week ago

Anyone else been to Zion? Finally got to explore there this weekend with @atozion and it blew my expectations away! Endless insane views all around the entire Park. More to come this week from one of my new favorite Parks 🤙🏼 #atozion #outsidezion

1 week ago

@autpops and I just spent the last few days exploring Washington County, Utah with some friends at @atozion. Absolutely blown away by the sheer quantity of gorgeous landscapes and spectacular hiking. This is Sherbert Mountain and it’s half strawberry and half vanilla and I WILL be back for seconds! #atozion #outsidezion

1 year ago

This was our camp site for eight nights in Zion. The road can get busy with off road vehicles and cars carrying mountain bikes passing by, but there was only one other car camper on one of those nights. We continued up the road and the view only got more and more beautiful. We later learned we were at the beginning of a nine-mile Smithsonian Butte National Backcountry Byway. Only ten minutes from the Park, it’s an awesome spot. _______________________ #freecamping #freecampingisthebestcamping #zioncamping #drycamping #smithsonianbutte #rockvilleutah #utahisrad #lifeelevated #mercedesbenz #sprinter4x4 #diycamper #tinyhomeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit #sprintervanconversion #sprintervanlife #vanlifersofinstagram #outsidezion #sceniccamping #campingwithaview #vanlightened #blolo #benandlizonlyliveonce #lizandbensexcellentadventure #lizben #vanlifemovement #extendedroadtrip #livingsmall #livingmeaningfully #natureismychurch #desertlife

2 years ago

I just want to go and lay out in the field all day under the storm and let it rain on me. We saw this field on the way up and regretted not capturing a photo because it was so beautiful but we came upon the field and storm again and made sure to get a photo. #field #utah #outsidezion #storm #blues