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Long time brand supporter and one of Alaska's biggest names in Hip Hop, @tayytarantino released his latest project "Not Broke Not Rich" recently. Alongside the album he also dropped 2 music videos where he's seen rocking a lot of pieces from our summer collection. Check out his latest on Apple Music and Spotify.

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🎶 He’s a traveling birb and he’s made a lot of stops, all over the world. And in every part he owns the heart of at least one lovely girl 🎶

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We drove THROUGH the end of a rainbow.... crazy!

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Slice of Sky 🌤

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Every rider has a preferred way to travel. My way is to go with the flow. I don’t have a place to get to on any given day. I ride until I get tired. Then, off the main routes, I look for people who I can hang out with or a magical camping spot. That day I got lucky to meet Karen and Stephen who invited me to join them for dinner, to pitch my tent in their backyard and introduced me to Gordon who was celebrating his birthday next door. Grateful for the evening I spent with you all! Sharing some shot I took early evening. 💥

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Just before I would wait in the huge line to visit the St. Peter's Basilica! Vatican City was my first stop in Rome and was on my bucketlist for years. Got the check it of my bucketlist ✅ 📸 Samsung Galaxy A6 . . . . #vaticancity #vatican #rome #italy2019 #italia #italy #blondeshavemorefun #blondie #dutchie #francaise #instatravel #shetravels #sheisnotlost #sheexplores #traveller #travel #travelling #travellust #girlswhotravel #wearetravelgirls #igtravel #globelletravels #instapassport #basilica #bucketlist #roadtrip #holiday #itsme #picoftheday #traveltheworld

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On our way from Green Bay to Isanti we saw a muscle car museum on the side of the road so we did a U-turn and checked it out!! It was a private collection of muscle cars owned by a guy named Doc. There was a 1970 Hemi CUDA worth $600000, a 1969 GTO Judge Ram Air worth $125000, a 1965 Amphicar (only 3000 produced only 300 still float) a 1969 Roadrunner worth $65000, an Oldsmobile Toranado, A real General Lee, a 1971 CUDA convertible, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird worth $165000, a 1968 Dodge GTX worth 178000, an AC Cobra car, a Plymouth Roadrunner, and lots of other interesting things including a 5 seater motorcycle... most of them were 4 speed cars! Definitely worth the U-turn!

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🇲🇦 ☞ What a Wonderful Life ☜ 🇲🇦

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🇲🇦 ☞ Relax ☜ 🇲🇦

6 days ago

The difference between breathing and being fully alive. #roadtrip

6 days ago

The Nissan R32 is a legendary car for it's light chassis and awesome inline six engine. This one was in for an alignment, truly a treat every time we get to see one in our shop!