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Another Papaya tree was just planted in the ground with its brothers and sisters and is doing very well. Organic fertilizer is amazing! 🌲 We are going to have hundreds of these trees and around 4000lbs of papaya to donate to #sarasotafoodbank or sell at the Sarasota #farmersmarket to fund this project. 🍋🙏🏼💖👏🏿🍊 👩‍🌾🍇 #🌴🔌 As you all know here at @1follow.1tree we are planting 1 tree for every follower. As we like to say, "Real trees, no bullsh!t, only manure!" We are located in the #sarasota , #bradenton , #tampa area of Florida and are a family of farmers. Please feel free to ask questions, share with friends or on your story, tag people in our comments and all that. We want to start a movement and plant #onemilliontrees. We appreciate your support. Thanks again kindly, @instatrashed & @1follow.1tree 🍈🌲 🍎🥰 Follow Our partner account @gzrdzn to see all #tree plantinfs, and plenty of other farming and gardening tips and tricks. #1follow1tree #1tree #1follow1 🌴 PSA: Our Current trees can produce over 4000lbs of papaya in 1 yr. and out citrus trees, and other produce will bear a mighty crop!🍊🥔🥒🍋🍅🥑🍍 We can either donate to a local or open a stand at a local farmers market with proceeds used to fund this project and buy trees. 🌲 Its up to our followers to VOTE in the comments below: Comment "DONATE" for food bank or "FARMERS MARKET" to sell it get funds for this project. (You can vote in our story too!) Thank you and we appreciate and love you all! ❤ #1love 💖 #1earth 🌍 #1people 👩🏽‍✈️👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🎎 #1planet 🗺

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Vcs já conhecem o Parque da Cidade em Niterói?! Eu curti mto o visual lá de cima. Quem já foi me conta aí o q achou. E quem ainda não foi,vá! @guiadeniteroi

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What’s the weakness in your game? Iv never felt totally comfortable dropping large over extended horizontal limbs. My set can sometimes rip down the stem and pull on the wire strop (especially without a razor sharp saw), iv had a couple of instances of my saw getting pulled out the tree when I was new to the industry... and I although this doesn’t ever happen now it’s still at the back of my mind.. 😒😒. An emergency job today with our best customer. This red oak had all sorts of fungus including ganoderma (turns solid wood to something that will crumble in your hand). It is in falling distance of the customers house and needed to be made safe asap, the bedrooms would be first hit if the tree did fail. I was already slightly on edge as I could not get to the tree till 11... my first cut revealed that my 201 was blunt. Knowing that a blunt saw is especially dangerous on his sort of tree I did the worst possible thing I could do... and proceed to go f*ucking nuts at the ground crew😬. (Didn’t get nickname treemadonna for nothing😐🤘) I think it’s so important to reflect in this industry how we can be better tomorrow. In future I’ll take responsibility to make sure my tools are perfect before I go up, yes I have a job to do to keep people safe but this does not give me the right to demean anyone 🙏 #treecutting #treeclimbers #treeworker #tree_captures #treework #treesurgeon #treeservice #tree stuff #treesurgery #treelife #treeremoval #treestagram #treefelling #treetop #petzlprofessional #arbortech #arboristlife #arbortecfw #sgi #sgiuk #dragongate #husqvarna #stihl #petzlprofessional #petzl_official #petzlchicane

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التقطت هذه الصورة بواسطة مسبار فضائي والأرض هي تلك النقطة الصغيرة التي تجلس في شعاع الشمس المنكسر .. تخيلوا ، هذه النقطة الصغيرة يوجد بها سبع مليارات أنسان على قيد الحياة.. الآن اقتنعت اكثر أن من تواضع لله ولم يتكبر، رفعه الله

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Координаты: N53° 27′ 58.46″ E 49° 58′ 9.96″ Мастрюковские озёра — группа озёр, находящаяся в Самарской области .Это памятник природы регионального значения. Как проехать на автомобиле: по трассе Самара — Тольятти ехать до поселка Курумоч. В поселке свернуть налево на ул. Школьная и двигаться в сторону р. Волги до конца. По железной дороге ехать до станций «Мастрюково» или «Задельная». В окрестностях озер можно остановиться в гостиницах, домах отдыха или коттеджах. Уютные турбазы на Мастрюковских озерах: ▪Мастрюки ▪Верхний бор ▪Эко отель Маяк ▪Сосенки на Волге ▪Утес #сходи_вСамаре #самара #landscape #amazing #view #trip #tree #sky #mountains #nature #landscape_lovers #landscapelovers #landscapes #toptags #landscapestyles #trees #treestagram #treescape #naturelovers #naturelover #nature_seekers #natureonly #nature_shooters #nature_prefection #naturediversity #naturephotography #naturewalk #naturegram #naturelove #naturephoto

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Try Another World. 🧑

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Try Another World. 🧑