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1 month ago

Next Creative Meet. Casa Vicens @casavicens by Gaudí. Barcelona. May 18th. Thanks for make it possible Pilar @eldadodelarte

1 month ago

Creative Masters. Author: @gustavoromeiro . Original title: Gesund, 2018 • 🛒 **Fineart limited prints delivery in europe and brazil - just DM** 📦 • "Gesund" is a german word that means healthy - "Strong and well". This image was made in Berlin during the autumn of 2018 and it's part of a series called "Gesund”. (definitions from the Cambridge dictionary). • Thanks for sharing with @creative_architecture . #architecture #blackandwhite #art . #creative_architecture .

1 month ago

BEST Creative▪️ Author: Maco @maco_kirahvi iPhone only . Original caption: It was fun meet up with @veronang last Sunday. Thank you Veron. Let’s meet in Singapore next time 🙋🏻‍♀️ . Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo . Thanks a lot for sharing it with @creative_architecture . Have a look at our friendly hubs: @creative_archigraphics @architecture_  sweden @arkiminimal @espacioenforma   @minimal_lookup   @lookingup_architecture   @skyscraping_architecture   @skyscraping_magic  . . .

1 month ago

Best Creative. Author: @carolinerotterdam . Original caption: Out in the open . . Shot during the almost endless sunny summer last year. The good thing of my restart here on IG is, along other great things like contact with you all again 😁🤗 - that I had to scroll down my photos to find something nice to post. And doing that brings back so many super nice memories! 😊Like this day in summer when we (= my sweet Luc and me) visited the very south part of Holland. So good to always keep doing things together! 💞 . . This place is an amphitheatre, designed by artistJoseph Legrand and architect Laurent Ney. . . 📷 used my Nikon. . . Thanks for sharing with @creative_architecture . #creative_architecture . #architecture .

2 months ago

GRAPHIC MASTER SERIES By @creative_archigraphics. . The best way to start our MASTER SERIES in @creative_archigraphics. Mike's @ mike_n5 gallery is full of the best architectural photos and extraordinary editions full of geometry, perspective and color like the one we bring you today. From now on @creative_architecture will continue to select the most interesting architecture photos published in @instagram and @creative_archigraphics will present the best images on architectural and urban themes where the edition will be the most important element. . #architecture #archilovers #graphicdesign #creative_archigraphics .

2 months ago

Curated coolest graphic design and architecture beautifully integrated. That's @creative_archigraphics. Tag your best architectural graphic design style images #creative_archigraphics to show your work to our archi community. @creative_archigraphics is an spin off hub from @creative_architecture. . #architecture #graphic_design . #illustration   #illustrator   #vector #vectorart   #art   #graphic   #graphics   #graphicdesign #design   #designer   #thedesigntip   #graphicroozane #thedesigntalks   #graphicdesigncentral #thedesigntalks   #adobe .

2 months ago

Best Creative. Author: @ctro_x . Original caption: Brick I (2018) One of the most interesting, modern residential areas in Bruges. It is located quietly near to the Koningin Astridpark and consists of 75 apartments in the same contemporary architecture design by Haverhals-Heylen Architects (built from 2000 - 2002). Had to edit this one a little unconventional due to the crop of Instagram. However, it still resembles the astonishing construction of these tangled alleys. o_x . Thanks for tagging #creative_architecture . #architecture #archilovers #brugge .