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3 weeks ago

by Kashef Chowdhury the Aga Khan–awarded Friendship Centre in Gaibandha Bangladesh is located in an erosion- and earthquake-prone zone on the Brahmaputra River and serves some of the world’s poorest people. Built on silty, low-lying land, it features internal rainwater collection pools, green roofs and plentiful courtyards for passive ventilation. After collection, water is earmarked for cooling, irrigation and even a fishing pond. #next_top_architects in #NEXTarch We Trust @next_top_architects

1 month ago

Next level of bike parking the new bike parking area at KUA - Københavns Universitet Amager. It’s opening in June. @cobearchitects photo by @anneoesterby

2 months ago

“Vulcan II” 4x larger homes, 2.5x faster, tablet-based controls & fully automated. 3d printing architecture Shipping next month. designed by the Vulcan II, which was unveiled earlier this week — A 3D printer capable of building 2,000 sq ft home #next_top_architects in #NEXTarch We Trust @next_top_architects

2 months ago

by @3dwasp 3D Printed Earth Wall with Staircase | Open Thesis Fabrication | 2019 . @iaacbcn and WASP present an innovative prototype of a #3Dprinted wall designed and engineered by IAAC and realised by #CraneWASP within the @iaac_otf research. . The prototype 1:1 represents a wall portion 40 cm thick, with timber elements interlocked, providing support for stairs and floor structures, accurately designed for being anchored to the printed part. . This work can be considered a first significant step towards the realization of load-bearing earthen structures. Indeed, the wall has been realized employing a mixture of clay and rice fibres, provided by for this specific purpose. #next_top_architects in #NEXTarch We Trust #HARDforkArchitecture #nonFIATarchitecture

2 months ago

#next_top_architects in #NEXTarch We Trust :: photo by @studio_naaro at the @royalacademyarts . The installation was constructed out of serialised timber building block, using Augmented Reality to communicate between the digital model and the physical assembly. The installation itself is a 1:1 test of a spatial fragment of a larger building. The spatial qualities are something close to the Diamonds House project (2016). The project is part of the Invisible Landscapes series, curated by @gonzaloherrero and still up until the 2nd of April. @gillesretsin with @kevinsaey and @yo.johan.w :: @next_top_architects