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3 weeks ago

“So much of our time as believers can get lost thinking You’re (God) just a book that we read or a goal that we’re trying to reach, a place that we go to once a week or a lifestyle or some sort of world view. But we can’t lean on a world view. We can’t cry to a book. You’re a good father and you’re not loving us because we’re good, you’re loving us because you’re good.” A sweet reminder to those who know God, and those who do not. Whoever you are and whatever your thoughts about him may be - His thoughts about you are good ✨

4 weeks ago

Since we’re all sharing.. I’m an 8 on the enneagram which means I may just side tackle you at any moment if I don’t like what you have to say. Will often give unsolicited advice and also is nice sometimes

1 month ago


1 month ago

Almost a whole year living with my best friend and update to you h8rs who thought we couldn’t share a room we love each other MORE NOW THAN EVER

1 month ago

Dad takes us on a 45 min walk turned 3 hour hike. A typical Wilson family Saturday ☀️🤗

1 month ago

This is how they do it on the bachelor right???

1 month ago

She gets me

2 months ago


2 months ago

A few more from Cali! Personal fave is pic 4 ft Alexa at the LV exhibition. So much love for all these people ✨

2 months ago

It’s been a few years since I’ve been back (crazy!) and I can say with confidence that my life would look very very different had God not interrupted my 18 year old plans and brought me to this crazy place called the @ladreamcenter - and more specifically to @thedcls . I believe in this program with all my heart and I’m indebted to the people that invested into my life here. But most importantly I really believe in what God can do when you set aside a season of your life just for him. Serving someone else’s vision and getting behind a dream that may not be your own - even if just for a time - will enlarge your world and change your life. Love you always LA, see you soon!

2 months ago

I’d share a king bed with these two any day!!!!

2 months ago

How I got such great ladies in my life I do not know but I am BLESSED ☀️

2 months ago

Outfit never complete without hair tie around wrist

3 months ago

Please someone tell @phenixwarren that Jesus was not a vegan 🥓

3 months ago

A front row seat to the baby ducks and a lukewarm lacroix 📸 @melissabell_

3 months ago

I’ll share a room w u 4ever 🌟